Upright Masticating Juicers

NEW!  Also known as "slow juicers",  these juicers utilize a revolutionary new patented design with all of the high yield, low speed qualities of a standard Single Gear Masticating Juicer but in a space saving, upright design.   With these juicers, juice is first extracted through a crushing stage and, before the pulp is ejected, it is then squeezed during a second pressing stage; resulting in more juice, and extremely dry pulp. The low RPMs of these juicers ensure high yield and low waste. Upright Masticating juicers are very capable atjuicing virtually any fruit and vegetable, as well as extracting  juice from leaves and grasses, like wheatgrass, spinach, lettuce, parsley, and other leafy greens and herbs.** Although these juicers can juice wheatgrass, they perform best when juiced with other veggies to maximize performance.  This style of juicer does not do the best job on juicing straight greens i.e. wheatgrass shots.  If you're looking for a juicer for the best performance for straight wheatgrass, the Omega 8000 series or Twin gear juicers would be a better choice for this.**  ​
*Kuvings Whole Juicer B6000S

*Omega VERT VRT400 Juicer (Chrome)

*Tribest Slowstar Slow Juicer and Mincer SW-2000

*Omega VERT VSJ843Q Juicer

Single Gear Masticating Juicers

​Single gear masticating juicers have an auger gear that chews the fruit and vegetable fibers to release the juice.  They are more efficient machines than the centrifugal juicers because they tend to extract more juice from the same amount of raw fruits and vegetables.  Additionally, because they operate at lower RPM's they generate less heat and therefore do a better job of retaining more of the vitamins and enzymes.  The single gear juicers do a great job with wheatgrass and leafy greens.  These are also very versatile machines because they can be used to create sauces, nut butters, baby food, pastas, ice cream, soups and sorbets.

Juicer Buyer Guide - What is the Best Juicer to Buy?

There are many different types of juicers available on the market, so choosing one that best suits your needs may seem confusing.  Most juicers will work fine for a variety of different fruits and vegetables.  However, some juicers will not work as well for wheatgrasses and leafy greens.  Regardless of the type of juicer, they all basically have the same goal.  That is to release vital nutrients, vitamins and enzymes into your juice.   The following explanation should help you to determine what juicer is best for you and your needs.

 There are generally 5 different categories of juicers.

Manual Juicers

​Manual juicers don't require electricity and are relatively inexpensive compared to their electric counterparts.  These juicers are specifically designed to handle leafy greens and wheatgrass and because of their small size are very lightweight and portable.

*Z -Star -  juice wheatgrass (and other fruits and vegetables) at home, or on the go.

*Healthy Juicer  - the most affordable wheatgrass juicer

Centrifugal Juicers

Centrifugal juicers are the most common type of juicer.  These juicers work by finely grating fruits and vegetables into very small pieces and then pushing them up against a very fine mesh screen at high RPM.  The centrifugal force extracts the juice from the pulp.  They are one of they top juicers for most fruits and vegetables, but are not suitable for juicing wheatgrass & leafy greens.

*Omega 02: Compact pulp ejection centrifugal juicer.  Sharing similarities with the now discontinued Omega 4000, this "NEW" compact, lightweight design is great for travel and is the best low cost, entry level juicer available.

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Twin Gear Juicers

​Twin gear juicers are by far the most superior and as a result are also the most expensive.  These juicers are more efficient at delivering higher volumes of juice from fruits, vegetables, wheatgrass, leafy greens and herbs.  And because they operate at a much lower speed (low RPM), they produce much less heat and foam then the other types of juicers.  This means that the vital nutrients and enzymes are retained in your juice as much as possible and are not destroyed by heat or oxidation.

These juicers have interlocking stainless steel twin gears that grind fruit and vegetable fibers to release the largest percentage of juice.  They also work very well for making nut butters, deserts, soups fruit sorbets and baby foods.

 It is important to note that twin gear juicers are not designed to juice soft fruits exclusively.   They are really designed for vegetables and higher density type fruits.  If you are interested in mainly juicing apples these may not be the juicers for you.

*Omega NC800 HDS/NC900 HDC New!! -This 5th Generation masticating juicer from Omega has an updated body design and a few new features for improved juicing performance. It will look amazing in your kitchen and make great juice of vegetables and fruits, as well as serve as a great food processor that minces, grinds, and homogenizes. This Model comes with 5 adjustable settings for maximum juice output and will provide an estimated 10%-15% higher juicing yield compared to earlier models.  Use setting 1 for citrus fruits and setting 5 for tougher items like wheatgrass.
Comes with a full 15 year warranty.
NC800HDS model is silver, NC900HDC model is chrome.

*Green Star - Green Star Juicers are known for producing some of the highest quality juice available. The Green Star Juicer uses slow 110 RPM speeds to extract juice while keeping the enzymes intact by not heating the juice up.  Comes in 3 models: Basic, Deluxe and Greenstar Elite

*Super Angel 5500Stainless Steel Juicer - heavy-duty construction, the all stainless steel body of the Super Angel is a master crafted, hand-built masterpiece. Solid, surgical-grade stainless steel twin gears run at 3 HP grinding force.  Stainless steel gears slowly rotate at a low 86 RPM generating no heat or shock.

*Super Angel 7500Stainless Steel Juicer - the same machine as the Angel 5500 but with a built-in auto-reverse function.

*Super Angel 8500Stainless Steel Juicer - the same machine as the Angel 7500 but it is made from SUS 316 surgical grade stainless steel.

*Omega8003 / 8005- the best single gear juicer available, easy to clean/use.
8003 modelis white, 8005 is chrome.

*Omega8006 HD/ 8004 HD- An improved auger with super-hard GE Ultem material -- 8 times harder than the Omega 8005/8003 Juicer auger -- with a built in handle. 8004 modelis white, 8006 model is chrome.