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Make the most of your healthy lifestyle. This package is perfect for those who enjoy raw, vegan and vegetarian meals.

The new Vita-Mix Turboblend VS is Vitamix's latest model that features a new super-efficient 2-peak horsepower motor that runs substantially cooler, processing fresh, whole foods in seconds for superior taste and flavor.

The TurboBlend VS has the variable speed control knob.With the variable speed control you can adjust the speed as necessary to achieve the perfect texture every-time you create with the VitaMix TurboBlend VS.

The highlights of the all-new Vitamix TurboBlend VS include:

  • Variable Speed Contol - Unlimited versatility in the home kitchen in one smooth motion
  • Available in Black - Elegant, fashion-forward gourmet look Enhanced with mirror gloss finish.  Fingerprint-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Precision Crafted Stainless-Steel Blades - Laser-cut, one piece blade assembly.  Sealed ball bearings prevent food and water penetration.  Superior cutting edge joins forces with a pulverizing process.
  • 7 Year Performance Warranty - Exceeds industry standards.  Guarantees performance as well as parts for 7 years

Vita-Mix is the fastest, easiest, most powerful blender ever created for home use and performs like no other blender. A workhorse in the kitchen, Vita-Mix purées and blends quicker and smoother than any blender or food processor you have ever used. Speeds up to 240 miles per hour, ensure perfect consistency everytime. It allows you to purée and blend  many different ingredients with no chunks, no separation and no chugging or grabbing of the blender itself, just smooth operation and results.

Vita-Mix is so much more than an ordinary blender. Vita-Mix produces the most incredible purées imaginable! Perfect texture. Beautiful sheen. Absolutely no graininess and so completely blended they won't separate for a surprisingly long time. Vita-Mix's exceptional purées are building blocks for distinguished sauces, soups, salad dressings and many more menu items.

The powerful motor enables Vita-Mix to blends 6 cups of ice cubes in just a few seconds. Vegetables, fruits, dense cheeses, hard ice cubes blend fast and completely, with no residue.

Great for Entertaining

  • Make party punches, tropical drinks, spreads, dips, salsa and yummy desserts quickly and with out a sink full of dishes.
  • Lowfat, skinny desserts.
  • Gourmet nut butters.
  • Fruit toppings for ice cream.
  • Fruit flavored frozen sorbets.

The look is an understated muscle in two-tone smoke and light grey with a black base. The Vita-mix TurboBlend VS will surely compliment any kitchen decor. This is the personal, no-nonsense, hard working, "kitchen co-worker" you need.

Main Features:

BPA-Free Container
TurboBlend blade assembly
Vita-Mix is also the first to offer a durable new container of Eastman Tritan™ copolyester that's chemical-resistant and BPA-free. The flexible, two-piece easy-off lid has a removable Tritan™ lid plug that allows additional ingredients to be added while blending. The spill-proof lid vents allow hot or cold food to expand and contract.

Blends At Speeds Up To 218 Miles Per Hour!
With its blindingly fast blending speeds, TurboBlend delivers the smoothest textures in just seconds. It's got the speed to create fabulous creamy smoothies, luscious granitas and frozen concoctions. TurboBlend provides even texture, glossy completeness, and consistent quality every time. No unwanted food fiber to mar the texture; no color separation. Just clear glazes, satin sauces & sensationally fresh soups.

Precision-Crafted Stainless Steel Blade Assembly
TurboBlend blade assemblyThe TurboBlend features laser cut, custom-designed blades withsealed ball bearings prevent food and water penetration. The superior cutting edge quickly chops and blends the most challenging ingredients.

With 2+ Peak Horsepower, It's Easy To Do It All!
Whole foods can be difficult to blend, but with TurboBlend there is never any stringy residue or unblended chunks. The result is deliciousblends that are bursting with flavor and whole food nutrition, with no residue fiber or seeds. This upgraded model features a new super-efficient 2-peak horsepower motor that runs substantially cooler, processing fresh, whole foods in seconds for superior taste and flavor.

The powerful motor enables Vita-Mix to blends 6 cups of ice cubes in just a few seconds. Vegetables, fruits, dense cheeses, hard ice cubes blend fast and completely, with no residue.

Vitamix recipe bookFree Recipe Book!
Each TurboBlend comes a fabulous recipe book filled with over 200 easy-to-follow healthy recipes for all the favorite blended drinks, purees, sauces, desserts, dressings, dips, glazes, baby foods and soups. With full-color photos.

In addition, the TurboBlend VS includes:
  • "Let's Get Started!", an instructional DVD that features bonus recipes and operating techniques hosted by raw food author, Ani Phyo and
  • A free nut milk bag, an essential tool for silky-smooth, home-made, raw nut milk preparation

Helps You Stay Healthy - Fast and Easy
TurboBlend maximizes nutritional intake: whole foods for nutritional synergy, health promoting photochemicals, a balanced supply of vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients, disease lowering fibers and natural sugars. Kids enjoy "health smoothies" and after school snacks.

More than a blender, the TurboBlend is designed to render the full bioavailability of whole foods such as apples, strawberries, fresh greens and more, including leaves, peel, stems and all the valuable fiber.

Cooks the world over have clamored for a premier blender with the same muscle as the commercial models. Something with no parts to assemble, easy to clean, and most important, a blender they can count on to withstand heavy use. With one surge of power, TurboBlend out-performs the competition, meeting the millennial demand for high tech capabilities at home. Now everyone from gourmet cooks to nutrition conscious mothers and society entertainers can easily purchase this blender. Superior engineering strengthens each part of TurboBlend, ensuring a product that will last as close to a lifetime as we can estimate.

Vita-Mix stands behind a longer warranty. The Tritan Copolymer container is virtually unbreakable and engineered to last. Durable components ensure trustworthy performance and supreme reliability. Fruits and vegetables blend instantly, but so does that hard ice that jammed and destroyed other blenders in the past.

Product Specifications:
  • 2+ peak horsepower motor: 120 volt, 60 Hz, 11.5 amps
  • High-efficiency radial cooling fan
  • Thermal protection system to prevent overload or burnout
  • Low-friction ball-bearing motor built to last a lifetime
  • Heavy-duty, hide-away safety cord extends 19 inches to 6 feet and has a grounded 3-prong plug
  • Wear-resistant plastic base
  • Stainless steel hammermill and cutting blades
  • 64 oz. BPA-free carafe made of Eastman Tritan copolyester with measurements & two part vented lid
  • Free tamper & recipe book
  • Made in U.S.A.

  Dimensions: 20½"H x 7¼"W x 8¾"D

Add a dry container for $179.00    BUY NOW

Shipping is FREE when ordered with your blender.

This BPA-free Eastman Tritan™ Coplyester container is great for grinding grains and making your own flour. Includes dry blade, lid and the Whole Grains Cookbook from Vitamix.


  • 32 ounce container designed for the VitaMix -fits all blenders in the VitaPrep series &TurboBlend (all models)
  • Fits nicely into smaller spaces
  • Hardened stainless-steel blades for grinding grains for fresh, nutritious flour. Also perfect for those who have allergies to wheat gluten - you can grind soy, rice, chick peas for gluten-free recipes 
  • 2 part locking lid with a removable measuring cap
  • Drip-free spout & raised calibrations
  • 5 year warranty
  • Includes recipe book valued at $20
  • Dimensions: 7½ x 9 x 13½ inches

Add a wet container for $179.00    BUY NOW

Shipping is FREE when ordered with your blender.

The wet-blade 48-ounce container strikes a perfect balance between processing large recipes and fitting easily under most kitchen cabinets. Designed to pulverize whole foods for smoothies, hot soups, and frozen desserts, the container is lightweight and includes a Mini-Tamper to use when processing thick mixtures like peanut butter and frozen desserts. The mini-tamper fits securely into the container and has a special collar designed to prevent it from hitting the blades during processing.

  • Perfect for processing smoothies, hot soups, and frozen desserts
  • Spill-proof vented lid with plug for safely adding ingredients while machine is running
  • Mini-Tamper designed to help process food without touching the blades
  • Fits nicely under most kitchen cabinets while on the machine
  • BPA-free Eastman Tritan® copolyester, includes measurements on the side
  • Wet blades: Laser-cut, stainless-steel hammermill and cutting blades measuring 3-in diameter to ensure a consistent blend every time
  • Height: 10.25"
  • 3 Year Warranty