EasyGreen Mikrofarm Sprouter
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The newest design for starting virtually every sproutable seed. Complete with Mist Generator, Activation Timer, 5 Cartridges, 1 Food Grade Large Tray, Owner's Manual (CD ROM) and Drainage Tube. (Dimensions 24" L x 18" W x 9" H).  The Easy Green sprouter is the fastest and easiest sprouter to use.   Just add seeds and water and watch the machine take over!


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The EasyGreen is about as easy as it gets to maintain a daily harvest of fresh live organic sprouts.  Taking the mess and hassle out of sprouting.

If you are after an easy automated way of getting fresh sprouts into your life and are sick of the process of pre-soaking and rinsing (5 or 6 times a day) then this sprouter is a great investment for you and your family.

The EasyGreen will Soak, Rinse, Mist, Oxygenate and drain the sprouts automatically so you don't have to.  Just add water, seeds and go about your day letting the machine take over. 

                                                                             The Easy Green is the only Sprouter on the market that can grow with your needs (stack up to 6 units).  The Easy green can be set up even with just one unit to produce a perpetual harvest of fresh sprouts every day. (2-4 cups)

Grow wheatgrass, sunflower, alfalfa,
red clover, broccoli, buckwheat, beans, peas, virtually any seed you can imagine right in your own kitchen!

Unique automatic disinfecting cycle makes it simple to keep high sanitary conditions within the machine.  Typically only commercial growers have such options.

Using our 96 activation timer makes it easy to adjust your machine for a variety of climate conditions.

Grow Wheatgrass at $0.50 a tray!

Better Than An Energy Drink

Wheatgrass shots deliver between 80 to 100% of your daily nutritional value and the 20 minute breakdown into the bloodstream boosts of energy similar to caffeine. Wheatgrass is much healthier than caffeine, does not suppress neurotransmitters in the brain, and will never stain teeth.


"I try to have a shot of wheatgrass 3 times a day with the EasyGreen because within about half an hour I feel a kick." - Josh Chapin


"It is interesting to note that there is not a single case recorded in which either improvement or cure has not taken place." - Dr. Gurskin


Good For Athletes

The starch of the wheat berry is stored energy which when converted to simpler sugars is a quick energy source. It has 92 of 102 vitamins! One ounce of juice equals two pounds of produce nutritionally, it naturally shuts off the appetite in the brain.



Science has proven that wheatgrass will arrest growth and development of unfriendly bacteria.


Boosts Your Blood

Chlorophyll (wheatgrass) aids in the rebuilding of blood count within 5-9 days


Stops Bad Breath and Bad Smelling Sweat

Dr.F.Howard Westcott reported that when wheat grass is taken internally in adequate quantity, it reduces or eliminates offensive body and breath odors.


Cleans Acne

Wheat Grass remedies including: Itching and burning, ivy poisoning, weeping and dry exzema, insect bites or infection.


Reduces Sunburns

Prevents Peeling and soothes skin when wheatgrass is applied directly or preventatively through wheatgrass shots.


Fights Electromagnetic Radiation

The United States Army exposed guinea pigs to lethal doses of radiation. The guinea pigs fed chlorophyll-rich vegetables such as cabbage and broccoli had half the mortality rate as those fed non-chlorophyll diet.


Neutralizes and Fights Dangerous Chemicals in Drinking Water

Dr. Earp Thomas found that an ounce of wheatgrass in a gallon of fluoridated water would turn the fluorine into harmless calcium-phosphate-fluoride compound. Used in wash water it adds softness to the face and hands. In the bath, it is most smoothing. It stops bleeding, itching, and helps sores and acne to heal.


Lowers Blood Pressure

Dr. Theodore M.Rudolph says that the ability of Wheatgrass to combine with oxygen in the blood rushes through the blood and breaks down cholesterol.


Clears Up Congestion

Doctors R. Redpath and J.C.Davis found chlorophyll packs inserted into the sinuses had a drying effect, clearing up congestion, and gave immediate relief. Congested head colds were cleared up within 24 hours

Easygreen video presentation!    Want to see how it works?
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The EasyGreen MikroFarm was developed out of the growing demand for organic health food. The EasyGreen’s unique technology empowers the individual to maintain a high potency immune system, by providing natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes that no other food or artificial supplements can rival. Here are few reasons for our unique sprouting technology:

Seeds generate chemical heat during germination and need to be cooled to avoid mold and rotting. The EasyGreen uses a patented technology where mist and oxygen are applied simultaneously to the seeds, thus both cooling the seed’s water and air and oxygenating the seeds and water. Sprouts require little water but abundant amounts of oxygen. Other automated sprouters and conventional sprouting methods supply plenty of water yet only provide natural air displacement. 

1.   Inhibitors in seeds are the natural defense mechanism of seeds acting as a deterrent for germs and bugs. Some sprouters re-circulate the same water! Your sprouts are then irrigated with water containing toxins and inhibitors, defeating the concept of using clean, good water for your sprouts. Bearing in mind that sprouts are made of 80% water, using clean water makes sense. The EasyGreen drains all used water out of the machine.

2.   Sprouts are sensitive to environmental conditions and climate changes. For example, in warm, humid areas such as Florida, Hawaii, Brazil, it’s virtually impossible to sprout with conventional methods. The EasyGreen works in all these areas year around! To the full satisfaction of our customers.

3.   Managing and controlling the humidity within the machine is critical to the sturdiness of the sprouts. The EasyGreenuses a unique 96-activations timer, allowing the grower to fine-tune the machine to his or her specific environmental conditions.

4.   Unlike the EasyGreenother automatic sprouters do not have a built-in water reservoir and cannot select the source of water to use. The EasyGreen’s built-in water reservoir is compatible with either de-mineralized water, distilled or R.O. according to your specific needs.

5.   The water reservoir allows adding minerals that enhances growth, such as liquid kelp or hydroponic growing solutions. No known conventional or automatic system allows the same flexibility.

6.   The built-in water reservoir allows the grower to add solutions that assist in disinfecting the crops, such as hydrogen peroxide. 

7.   The EasyGreen unit uses about ½ gallon of water in 24 hours due to it's fine misting activity. Sprouters that use an automatic irrigation system need to be plumbed and use 3.5 to 5 gallons of water a day!

8.   Seeds germinated in conventional sprouting methods such as jars, bags, trays etc. need to be MANUALLY rinsed 3 to 6 times a day. The EasyGreen rinses automatically as many times as needed a day during the complete growing cycle. 

9.   Conventional sprouters require a pre-soaking operation of 8 hours up to 24 hours, before commencing the propagation of the seed. The EasyGreen requires NO pre-soaking. Seeds are placed in the tray or cartridge DRY and the machine takes over, soaking, rinsing, misting, oxygenating and draining automatically. Thus saving you an extra day of pre-soaking and the manual handling of the repeat daily rinsing.

10.  The misting and oxygenating automatic cycles assures quickest harvest. 15% to 40% quicker then any sprouting method.

11.  Unlike other automatic sprouters, the EasyGreen uses a mist generator. No sprinkles or foggers that will clog and may stop irrigating without the grower being aware.

12.  Some growers prefer to use soil for some crops such as wheatgrass or sunflower greens. Other sprouting methods are soil or soil-less (Hydroponic). The EasyGreen may use both concepts! With no damage to the machine or crops.

13.  The EasyGreen sprouter uses FOOD GRADE QUALITY Trays and Cartridges in accordance with FDA regulations. Most other sprouters use storage containers and trays!

14.  D.I.Y. sprouters require purchasing parts at hardware stores, not to mention the hassle of putting them together, which means there can be no manufacturer’s warranty on the complete system! The EasyGreen revolutionary system, now sold in 32 countries around the world. It carries a full manufacturer's warranty for 4 months from the date of purchase.


  • Sprouts taken out of conventional systems need to be placed in a secondary pan such as Tupperware for refrigeration.  Our cartridges with unused sprouts can be placed directly into refrigeration for later use.

  • Other sprouting systems don’t use trays and the sprouts are germinated in the actual growing compartment without an intermediate container, thus needing to be removed into another tool for refrigeration. Our EasyGreen uses removable cartridges and trays for the ultimate convenience. 

  • The EasyGreen has an automatic disinfecting cycle. It is easy to keep high sanitary conditions within the machine. Only large commercial systems have a similar function! 

  • According to Dr. Ann Wigmore, a 5-day growing cycle for seeds such as alfalfa, broccoli, radish, clover and the similar is ideal. The EasyGreen  system is the only one in the market using 5x cartridges, allowing a rotation system, indicating which cartridge is ready for harvest. No need to write dates on each jar or bag! 


  • According to Dr. William S. Peavy, author of ‘Super Natural Gardening’ sprouts need to be consumed on the 5th or 6th day of germination, thereafter the young sprouts use their abundant amounts of minerals and vitamins for their own growing process. It is important to consume sprouts fresh and around the 5th day of germination. No other sprouter can supply an automatic indication of which cartridge is now on its 5th day. 

  • The Mist Generator, the heart of the machine, uses 120v/60Hz and is rated at only .55Amp, using a negligible amount of electricity. 

  • Modularity - the EasyGreen in the only system in the world that can stack up 5 or 6 EasyGreen machines. You may start with one machine and expand as your needs change. There is no need to dispose of an old system to purchase a larger sprouter. Thus, adhering to the needs of an individual as well as a large family.          

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